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Phobia Paris Escape Games

Phobia Paris offers a completely new escape Game concept. 

We want to surprise you with some incredible special effects and spectacular designs. 

In our rooms you will find original and ingenious mechanisms adding a certain fluency to the game. 

Immersion is the key word at Phobia Paris. No series of padlocks, no riddles “out of the nowhere”, or any chronometers. 

A lot of manipulations, and actions to perform as a team allowing you to live a breathtaking adventure from the beginning to the end. 

Adrenaline and “wooow” effects await you!


What is the purpose of the game?


The live escape game is an activity designed for 2-5 people. 
Locked in an unbelievably well decorated room, you will have 60 minutes to solve the puzzles and logical sequences to escape from the room.
No specific knowledge is required, or any physical strength. The games simply require your imagination, logic, savviness, afterthought and getting your mind out of the box.

Each room has a unique and extremely immersive decor.

To enhance your extraordinary experience, special mechanisms and sounds effects were specifically installed.

What is the size of the team?


- “LOFT” room: 1-2 players maximum

- “HOUDINI ESCAPE” room: 2-4 players maximum

- “DA VINCI CODE” room: 2-5 players maximum

We want to be a bigger team! Is that possible?


In a few exceptional cases, yes.

- For the “DA VINCI CODE” game we can accept a 6 players team

- For the “HOUDINI ESCAPE” game we can accept a 5 players team

- For the “LOFT” game we can accept a 3 players team

Extra fees will be asked for any additional player.

Are the games available in English?


YES! Each of our room is available in English.

I am claustrophobic, should I renounce to play?


For the rooms “DA VINCI CODE” and “LOFT”, you will be locked up but do not worry, there is more than enough space. 
HOWEVER, for the “HOUDINI ESCAPE” room, each player will be attached.

But do not forget that each room has an emergency button if needed and a Game Master is following your adventure through cameras and microphones.

Are the rooms scary?


Both scenarios of “DA VINCI CODE” and “HOUDINI ESCAPE” are not scary. You will only feel the pressure reminding you the urgency to escape the room.

On the other hand, “LOFT” scenario will draw you into a horrific ambiance making you undergo a completely different experience.

What is the minimum age to play?


- “DA VINCI CODE” room: minimum age is 10 years old accompanied by an adult. Players who are 14 and older can come on their own.

- “HOUDINI ESCAPE” room: minimum age is 12 years old accompanied by an adult. Players who are 15 and older can come on their own.

- “LOFT” room: minimum age is 16 years old. 

Can children participate?


Usually, Escape Games are not quite adapted for teams of children or teenagers only due to intricacy of the puzzles.

Nevertheless, children can participate with a team with a majority of adults.

Note that our “DA VINCI CODE” room is the most adapted for groups with children.

Are the missions designed for disabled people?


Our reception area located on the ground floor and the “LOFT” room are accessible for disabled people. 
But the rest of our rooms unfortunately are not accessible for disabled persons.

What are the prices?


The prices of the rooms do not depend on how many players you are, this is a specific price for the game session. 


Off-peak hour: 100€
Peak hour: 120€


Off-peak hour: 100€
Peak hour: 120€

• “LOFT”

Off-peak hour: 70€
Peak hour: 70€

How do I book?


The booking is made through our online platform. It allows you to check our availabilities per mission (real time updated) and to book one or several missions at the same time. 

Is it possible to change or cancel our reservation?


Claustrophobia is a live event, once reserved, your sessions can not be cancelled. 
As for the modifications: you have the possibility to change your reservation at least a week before your game; after that, no modification will be possible and 100% of the price will be charged. 

Can we organize a special event?


We can welcome any kind of event.
We have an event space of 50m² (538ft²) with the possibility to privatize it.

Private people: Birthday, Bachelor party, Bachelorette party
Professionals: Team building, or any professional event

If you need any more information about our event offers, please contact us directly on our email address at:

How can I offer a game session?


Gift Cards are on sale in our premises or on our website. 
Once bought, the gift card will be valid for a year. 

How long is the experience?


Plan around 1h20 on site. You have 60 minutes for the mission but around 10 minutes of briefing and 10 minutes of debriefing and taking pictures. 

How to get to Phobia?


We are located at 127, rue Jeanne d’Arc 75013 Paris.

Subway: Campo-Formio Ligne 5 & Nationale Ligne 6 – (Add 2 minutes to walk)
 Austerlitz Train Station Ligne 10 & RER C – (Add 12 minutes to walk)

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